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last update: march 2021

My name is Eliska Martynek and on my YouTube channel I utilize one of my biggest strengths. The only one I could not use in my last job. It’s CREATIVITY.

On my channel, with almost 60 videos, the most popular ones are those about editing video in DaVinci Resolve. This tells me that the interest in this skill still grows and people in my country are looking for easy to understand tutorials. Therefore, in the future, I want to explore in my videos various marketing tools to help people to make the best of their videos online.

I believe that video is the most powerful marketing tool today.

Video is the most powerful marketing tool today

On my channel I teach how to shoot and edit  video. And how to use it’s full potential. Do you want to see my channel analytics? Click on the button below.

The first 27 years of my life I’ve spent in a small town in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, called Trinec. A city known for its oldest ironworks in region and successful hockey tam. 

Last 11 years I’ve lived in the capital city, Prague and I worked in the second-largest television in the Czech Republic in an administrative position. Which at the beginning I thought it was a dream come true.

Now I have decided to start a new adventure. As a freelance businesswoman, I help brands tell their story through online video.

Total YouTube emgagement

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YouTube Audience statistics

audience age

18–24 years

37.1% of audience btwn 18-24 years old
second largest group is 35-44 years old

gender %

top country

Czech republic

74% Czech audience
10% Slovak audience

My content attracts people who start with video editing

Brand collaborations & video sponsorships

The most important component of my videos is sincerity and authenticity. I’d like to explore opportunities for collaboration with brands whose products, services, and values align with mine.  Whether it’s through a simple mention or a full integration.

Examples of full YouTube integration

All branded content includes

Eliska Martynek